Aviation Attorney Career Appraisal

Welcome and don’t forget to check back soon for more information about the exciting career of aviation law and becoming an aviation attorney. Appraising your chances and an honest appraisal of the opportunities that exist in the field of aviation law and aviation litigation means we should take an institutional approach to uncovering and sharing the clearest information possible, and present it forthrightly and without fanfare.

Here at the institute, we take air disaster litigation and air law very seriously, because there are lives and fortunes at stake. Should you decide you want to enter the field of aviation accident litigation, or really any other type of personal injury or tort law, you must think seriously and soberly before you proceed. The commitment required is monumental, and the amount of work you will need to put in would be considered, by many, extreme.

We will develop this site with you in mind, seeking to help you make a wise decision. After all, it’s your life and career, and if practicing as an aviation lawyer, or working for an air law firm is in your future, you want to know you have the best possible resource at your fingertips.