Compensation For Aviation Attorneys

Turkish Air Aviation DisasterAviation lawyers are expert in aviation law and they are hired by individuals or families of individuals who have been injured or have lost someone in an airplane incident. These lawyers are also hired by airports and airlines in case of any aviation incident. There were a total of 561,350 individuals working as lawyers in the US in the year 2010, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A very small number of qualified lawyers practice aviation law as it is a highly specialized field. As far as the salaries for lawyers in this field are concerned, these are similar to salaries for other attorneys.

Aviation Lawyer’s Average Salary

Simply Hired estimates that the average salary for an aviation lawyer was approximately $96,000 each year as of July 2011. However, this is lower than the average salary earned by lawyers in other fields. As of May 2010, the average salary for an attorney in the country stood at $129,440 as per the numbers released by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Aviation Attorney’s Pay Scale

To understand the average salary of a lawyer working in the aviation sector, it is important to compare it with the salaries earned by lawyers in various other sectors. The nationwide median salary for lawyers stood at $112,760 annually in the year 2010 as per the stats released by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In other words, the salary for lawyers working in the aviation sector fell in the lower half in terms of average annual salary earned by all the attorneys in the country. The stats released by bureau also reveal that the salary of middle 50% of lawyers ranged from $75,200-$165,470 a year. Even though lawyers in the aviation sector fall in the lower 50% bracket, they are still in the middle of the attorney pay scale.

Location of Aviation Lawyer’s Law Office

The salary of an attorney also depends on the location. Simply Hired reports that the average salary of an aviation lawyer in Florida stood at $88,000 annually, as of July 2011. On the other hand, the average annual salary of aviation attorneys went up to $113,000 in New York. The annual average salary for aviation lawyers in the state of California stood at $109,000. On the other hand, aviation lawyers working in Texas made an average of $90,000 per year whereas in the State of Illinois, the aviation attorneys made an average of $101,000 each year.

Aviation Attorney Job Outlook

The projections published by The Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the jobs for lawyers will continue to grow from 2008 to 2018 in at an average rate of 13%. The statistics indicate that the legal representation need will keep increasing as population continues to grow. However, it has also been indicated by the bureau that other fields such as health care law and other specialties will see more rapid growth but no indication has been provided for job growth in aviation attorneys and lawyers in the aviation sector.